The Prettiest Boho Dresses & Jackets That Were Made to Be Worn in Autumn

There's something about boho dresses that we'll always love. Maybe it's that they're a whole outfit in one, maybe it's their effortlessness, or maybe it's that they encourage us to twirl around. Whichever the reason, we're always down to wear pretty boho dresses. However, sometimes the weather isn't in our favor and long-sleeved maxi dresses just don't add up.

That's why when autumn and winter rolls around, our boho dreams come alive. Not only can we wear them with a pair of boots, but we can also have fun layering them and contrasting their fun prints with the fabrics of our favorite jackets.

3 easy tips to style your maxi dress for the colder season:

  1. Layover a cool vintage Afghan coat or a faux fur jacket. Throw it over your shoulder for a more effortless look.
  2. Pair it with a pair of tall boots and wear some comfy sock with it to stay warm.
  3. When it gets really cold add some very thick tights underneath. Nobody will notice.

So to share our excitement, we've rounded up boho dresses & jackets that were made to be worn in autumn.