Skin Rejuvenation Device, Face Scraping Tool, Face Lift Device - Heated & Vibration & Red Light Face Massager, Anti-Aging & Wrinkles, Puffiness, Face Tightening, Boho Beauty Gadgets

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1. Wrinkle removal.
2. Phototherapy rejuvenation.
3. EMS lifting.


1.160° surround, more fit neck skin.
2.3 colors for you available.
3. Neck beauty only takes 28days, Note:98% of consumers say the effect is good, but not 100%.
4. Firming and rejuvenation.
5. Sonic vibration.
6. Deep cleaning.
7. Nourishes skin moisture.
8. Positive and negative ions.
9. Three gear adjustments.
10. Colorful skin care, Multi-effect skin care.
11.45°Constant temperature hot pack to open pores.
12. Iontophoresis Deep absorption.

Packing list:

1*Main Machine


1. As skin temperature perception varies from person to person, some people may feel a little hot on their skin use-this is a normal phenomenon.
2. If you feel uncomfortable during use or your skin appears abnormal, please stop using immediately and consult a doctor.
3. When using, please take an appropriate amount of skin care product. If it is overused, its absorptivity and the service life of the massager may be affected.
4. This massager is not suitable for people with sensory or mental disabilities or a lack of relevant experience and knowledge.
5. Children should use this massager under the supervision and instruction of a guardian.