Skin Tag Remover Pen, Mole Wart Remover Pen, Dark Spot Remover, Boho Beauty Gadgets

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Item Type: Spot Removal Pen
Material: ABS+Steel Needle
Color: White/Pink Mole Removal Pen
Power: Max 5V
Battery Capacity:800mAh
Voltage 5V/1A

Product Include

Wireless Removal Pen with Wireless Charging Base
1*Moles Removal Pen
10*Fine Needles
3*Thick Needles
1*Needle Sleeve
1*USB Cable
1*Wireless Charging Base
1*User Manual

USB Mole Removal Pen
1*Moles Removal Pen
10*Fine Needles
3*Thick Needles
1*Needle Sleeve
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual


1. Display Screen
The display screen shows the remaining power capacity. Power off automatically without any operation in 10mins.

2. Charging
Mole Removal Pen with Wireless Charging Base
Use the power adapter by 5V/1A (Not include the adapter) to connect the USB cable & wireless charging base,and put the pen charging connector on the charging base to charge.
Wireless charging design, continuously working 5 hours for once fully charged

USB Mole Removal Pen
Use the power adapter by 5V/1A (Not including the adapter) to connect the USB cable,and put the USB connect the charging port to charge.
Type-C charging port, over-discharge protection, automatic power off, safe and reliable. Portable and compact.

3. The way to inset the needles
Thick Needles into the pen tip directly
Insert the fine needle into the needle sleeve first, then thread the needle sleeve into the pen.
4. Double-click on the switch, and the spotlight will light up.
5. Adopts German technology in turning the voltage instantaneous discharge into electric ion heat for carbonizing. It can rapidly sweep skin pigment with no pain or bleeding.
6. Six levels for selecting to meet different needs
7. LED display screen, easy to read
8. Comes with the spotlight.
9. Over discharge protection, safety in use


1. Before using the device on your own skin, practice on pig skin until you are familiar with it.
2. Do not clean the affected area with vigorous alkaline washing or scrub. During the recovery period, simple care is OK (1-3 months). Do not eat spicy food, and keep a healthy lifestyle.
3. Please do not treat a large area (greater than 23cm) in a single session, as a large wound increases the risk of infections and the chance of bleeding. The darker region is recommended to be divided into four or five operations.
4. Do not scratch the scab with your hands when itching because of the tender meat growth period; the scab will peel off itself in about 20 to 30 days.
5. It is better to wear dry insulating gloves during operating
6. Please promptly remove the needle after use, clean and disinfect it, then keep it dry.
7. Do not wash the device in water.
8. Do not use it while charging or when out of service for an extended period. It should be stored in a cool, dry place and be set once every three months to keep battery life.
9. Keep away from children, persons who don't know the operation, and pets.
10. The elderly, children, pregnant women, persons with heart problems, and persons susceptible to scare must be cautious about using the device