Water Skin Boost Portable Airbrush, Oxygen Spa Treatment Mist, Fine Spray for Deep Cleansing and, Boho Beauty Gadgets

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Item Type: Portable Airbrush
Color: Green/Gold
Material: ABS
Power: 6W
Input Voltage: 5V 1A
Capacity: 50-100ml
Atomization Flow:0.012mm
Charging Time: 2 Hours
Usage Time: 40mins
Weight: 205g
Size: 16*10.5cm/6.3*4.13in

Upgrade technology:

1. New nozzle design. The spray is more delicate and not easy to block
2. Compatible Liquid:

Green Color Airbrush Nano Sprayer: Water, Toner, Milk, Beauty Solution, Diluted Essence, Alcohol, Disinfectant
Gold Color Airbrush Nano Sprayer: Water, Toner, Milk, Beauty Solution, Diluted Essence

Product Include
1*Main Machine

1. Compact and practical mini air compressor, light, portable, and easy to carry.
2. Used for facial SPA, easy to operate, suitable for beginners to practice. 
3. Safety oxygen therapy, painless, non-invasive, and no hurt to your skin and body.
4. Super delicate hydration spray can pass through the skin's pores and inject moisture and nutrients into the skin so that the skin can drink more water. With the effect of moisturizing and hydrating, replenishing moisture, and repair skin. 
5. Equipped with a 105ML capacity liquid cup, simple to install or disassemble, satisfy your different demands.
6. Time-saving, energy-saving, and money-saving, no need to go to the beauty parlor and achieve the same effect.
7. A perfect gift to your families and friends.